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Read about Scott Mackenzie, how he started in darts, his greatest achievements, favourite dart and more




Country: Hong Kong
Date of birth: 1972
Dart of Choice: Puma  Signature 22gm Steel tip
Puma Signature 20gm Soft tip
Puma Signature 18gm Soft tip

quote.gif I love both my steel tip and soft tip dart as they are both based on the same style of barrel – which fits my grip perfectly, the feeling is very comfortable, and the grooves/grip at the back of the barrel allow me to push the dart with more feel and accuracy without effort. The smooth front part of my barrel allows for better grouping without deflection. So the darts have both balance and comfort, without any loss to the grouping and precision which is needed at the highest level of the game. Also my steel tip darts have the gripped points already fixed to the dart - which is now used by all the top players...Scott Mackenzie

How long playing darts?
Scott starting playing darts at the age of 10, at age 14 he entered his first darts competition where he made the final but finished runner-up.

Career highlights:

  • Winner 2010 WDF Hong Kong Open Men Singles
  • Winner 2011 Phoenix Hong Kong Super1
  • Hong Kong representative 2011 PDC World Championships
  • Winner  2009 WDF Hong Kong Masters (Steel tip)
  • Winner 2009 Arachnid AA flight singles - Top ten (Soft tip)
  • 2008 Hong Kong top ten No.1
  • Winner  2008 Hong Kong Masters
  • Jan 2008 Bullshooter IV (Asia) Macau 1st place - (Soft tip)
  • July - Nov 2007 Hong Kong Masters Champion
  • November 2007 Hong Kong Open - singles  - quarter finalist
  • November 2007 Hong Kong Open - doubles - 2nd runner up
  • November 2005 - April 2006 Hong Kong Masters - Champion
  • November 2006 Hong Kong Open singles
  • November 2006 Hong Kong Open doubles 1st Runner up
  • June 2006 Medalist Asia International Thailand A - Flight - doubles - 1st runner up
  • June 2006 Medalist Asia International Thailand - 5th place
  • May 2006 Singapore Open Singles
  • November 2005 Hong Kong Open - singles
  • November 2005 Hong Kong Open - doubles - 1st runner up
  • April 2005 - Medalist invitational - singles - 1st runner up
Other points of interest:
  • Scott quit darts to concentrate on his studies for a  while, eventually obtaining both a BSc and MSc in Chemistry at Kent University.  After leaving the UK in 1997 for Hong Kong, Scott started to pick up darts again in 2003.
  • After winning the Hong Kong Masters back to back in 2006 and 2007, Scott is currently ranked the no.1 player in Hong Kong and regularly represents Hong Kong internationally in both steel tip and soft tip dart competitions.
  • Scott's favourite food is Chinese.
  • Scott played pool for Hong Kong for a while and he also enjoys playing poker.

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